Saturday, April 28, 2012

Inspired By #20 Winner

I really loved your creations for the Earth Day challenge, thank you for playing.  The winner was:

(I love how she made it into a Christmas card)

Congratulations Lauren!

Don't forget to play along in my Gradient Tulips challenge.


lauren bergold said...

ooooooooh! thank you!!!

this was sooooo much fun, and you got such LOVELY and creative projects from everybody!!! i have to say i was also secretly excited that i figured out how to make "the earth" into an (admittedly not very traditional, lol) xmas card!!! :) :) :)

at the moment i'm trying to WRANGLE SOME TULIPS into a mother's day card... no reason... nuthin' to see here... :) :) :)

~amy~ said...

wahoooooooooo for Lauren!

Rose said...

congrats Lauren!!!!! :)

1CardCreator said...

Excellent choice, congrats! Love the ornament and the lettering. Very cool for a Christmas card too!